About me

Meet Arshad Ali, the visionary behind PRISM. Hailing from Chicago, IL, and currently residing in Washington, DC, Arshad is a talented multimedia artist with a profound passion for photography and art. With over 8 years of experience behind the lens, he has embarked on captivating photographic journeys across the United States, Europe, and Africa. Arshad’s artistic perspective is rooted in the belief that our daily lives are brimming with art and beauty, waiting to be discovered when we view the world from the correct angles. Through his lens, Arshad seeks to unveil the hidden wonders that exist in the ordinary, capturing moments that reflect the profound artistic essence woven into our everyday experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a boundless creative spirit, Arshad invites you to join him on a transformative visual exploration through the captivating world of PRISM.

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